Welcome to Green Analytical

Welcome to Green Analytical Laboratories (GAL). We’re a customer service-oriented soil and water testing laboratory servicing the environmental industries of Colorado, New Mexico, and West Texas. Green Analytical provides a breadth and depth of certification and operates three strategic locations, making us a convenient drinking water testing lab for a large geographic region. Our clients ship or drive samples to locations in Durango, Colorado; Hobbs, New Mexico; or Farmington, New Mexico and enjoy direct access to our company’s laboratory directors at all times.

Drinking water certified in the states of Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas

Reliable and knowledgeable source for defensible analytical data

Specializing in analyzing soil, water, sludge and waste for public and private interests


Green Analytical is an environmental testing laboratory that has provided analytical services in Colorado, New Mexico and West Texas since 1990. We now operate labs in Durango, Colorado; Hobbs, NM; and a sample receiving office in Farmington, New Mexico. Green Analytical’s central proficiencies encompass the testing of soil, drinking water, and wastewater. We channel our efforts toward producing NELAP accredited data with consistent, reliable turnaround. The soil and water testing requirements of our clients are met with professionalism, timeliness, and streamlined processes that can be depended upon with each and every service encounter.

Full Service, Fully Available

The staff at Green Analytical is a friendly and tenured group of environmental laboratory professionals.  Our team has the highest regard for the relationships that we develop over time with a diverse and dynamic environmental clientele.

High Quality Results

Green Analytical Laboratories has made a substantial investment in its facilities, employees, and instrumentation to ensure that our client’s needs are met in a timely fashion, at a competitive price, and with results that are of the highest quality.  Our environmental labs hold certifications within the states of Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico.